Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Let It Be

let it be
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By Star 102

How do you change your perspective when your perspective hasn't changed in 9 weeks?You let it be.I have to be honest, I have been a chameleon in the attitude department lately.  There are days I wake up and literally jump out of bed.  I have a renewed sense of purpose and motivation and everything clicks with a vim and vigor rarely seen by anyone who isn't a Peloton instructor.   

My parenting is top notch, I teach the kids like a seasoned school teacher with the patience of an educated sloth. Everyone listens, Steph finds my jokes funny, I had time to exercise, everyone ate my dinner, and Kumbaya isn't just a song we all sing while holding hands, it's our Anderson mantra.  And then it's not like that at all.  And the most difficult part about that equation?  Is that I do nothing different from day to day.  It's just that today, no one wants any of what I'm selling. I forgot basic math, the tablets are being main-lined, Steph and I are at each other's throats and no dad joke can rectify the sitch. No one ate my dinner, the boys are doing their best Rocky-Drago impersonations, and I...I'm failing.  Someone call me out for being a phony and take away my marriage and parenting licenses.Or maybe I just need to change my perspective and that perspective is to just let things be.  Nothing is really different from the pre-covid era, it's just all amplified.  You will have good days and bad, successful days, and complete and utter failures.  Your spouse will love you and...not like you at all.  Your kids will watch you like you're Charli D'Amelio, or ignore you like Facebook. Stop fighting it and let it be.  Everyone is struggling, even the parent that just posted their 10th "Super easy crafts to do at home" video this week...and it's only Tuesday.   I'm not speaking words of wisdom, it's just the facts.  Let it be.One facet of my attitude has remained constant.  This time is a gift. Everyone I talk to and zoom with, I say the same thing.  Slow down, enjoy the break, bond with your family, it'll never happen again.  You don't HAVE to do this mundane GET to.Celebrate the good days..The rest?  Ok, I'm done quoting Beatles tunes.All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it  xoxox Glenn