Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Time To Get Controversial

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Photo credit Photo by Glenn Anderson (Entercom Radio)
By Star 102


Cool, it worked...So, as you may or may not know from listening to my show, I'm a big proponent of masks and being safe...And so, with that being said, I put me and my family in the epicenter of debauchery, and we all went to Ocean City, Maryland for a beach vacation.

Not my first choice to venture out, but my sister has a place there and we were sick of our 4 walls, so we went...I'm here to tell you that it's possible to do this kind of trip and actually be safe about it, but it takes planning.

I've seen all the same footage. Rebel rousers all over the beach, not social distancing, acting like its the scene in Independence Day before the aliens attacked. A lot of restaurants actually closed down in OC because people were dumb. One restaurant we got take out from had to do a social media post about how you cant use your baby as a mask to eat inside..A BABY!

And so we spent 3 days there this past weekend. We all wore masks everywhere we walked, and went out of our way when someone was on the sidewalk to move over. We went to the beach at dinnertime when the morning crowds went home. We avoided everyone, we went by the water, and we stayed in our lane..The kids had the best time.

We didn't post on social media. I just feel posting pictures of groups of people together without masks on is irresponsible. Not just because I'm in media, but because it's the right thing to do, we're in a pandemic...I wanted the chance to offer an explanation to the pics beforehand.

We got take out from restaurants, at least the ones that were open. We sanitized all the boxes before opening, we used our own silverware.

We chartered a private sanitized boat for our group for a few hours. There were plenty of boats to pick from that it was business as usual, but this was just us, our snacks, our drinks. Cost-wise, It was extremely reasonable.

I tell you this not to brag and say I'm doing it better than you, but rather to show those of you who are taking this seriously too, that you can still have fun with your family AND be safe. No, we didn't go to the boardwalk, or to the amusement park, or dine in, or play mini-golf, but what we did do was make memories, see some amazing scenery, eat some good food, and swim a bit.

As parents, you feel like you're failing because all the other parents are letting their kids do things you don't feel comfortable with. You feel like a failure when your kid is not the one at the group sleepover, or when your kid isn't at the neighborhood pool party, or when your kid isn't..being a kid.

And yes, we all contradict ourselves, are hypocritical at times, and none of it is meant for an argument, but this pandemic has become a very two-sided thing. Masks or no masks, Democrat versus Republican. Browns versus Steelers (thanks for the inspiration Brian). Is it possible that the answers to all of it lie in the middle?

From a parenting perspective, I want you to know you're not failing, and in fact, you're teaching your kids about peer pressure, right from wrong, and discipline. And I also want you to know, that it's possible to do things, even vacations, safely. It just takes a little planning and creativity.

And as a public service message..STOP USING BABIES AS MASKS!

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it!

xoxo Glenn