Sushi Making 101 With Glenn!

Photo credit Photo by Glenn Anderson (Entercom Radio)
By Star 102

Sushi making is totally intimidating.  We love to eat it, but figured it would be fun to try making it.  We enrolled our good friend Ashley to come over and show us how. 

First thing, you have to decide what you wanna make.  We all chopped up a few different kinds of tuna, salmon, Japanese sweet potatoes, cucumbers, fresh jalapenos, shishitos, and avocados.  We also made sticky rice ahead of time in a rice cooker.  After you chop up your raw ingredients, we mixed some of them with spicy mayo, some with lemon dill sauce, some other various hot sauces and more. Get creative.  You can even use sauces you already have in your fridge.  


Next, you start forming small amounts of rice in your slightly-wet hands, and put the slices of raw seafood on top for the sashimi portion.  

glenn family

Next, you spread the sticky rice on top of your seaweed paper, leaving about 2 inches of space from the top.  You can either choose to make the seaweed on the outside, or flip your creation over and make the rice on the outside

glenn family

If you have kids, getting them involved makes them want to try it.  My son Cooper loved making some veggie ones, and my 6 year old loved them!

glenn family
glenn family

In the end, we made about 11 rolls and tons of sashimi, and had a feast.  It took a while, but anything worth doing usually does, right?  

glenn family

All the things you need to try sushi at home can be found at your local Asian food market.  I hope you have fun trying this at home with your family.  Email me with any questions!  Glenn :)