Cedar Point Now Open To Passholders, Here's What You Need to Know

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By Star 102

Here's the link to reserve tickets for Cedar Point! 

Take a look at some of the updates coming from Cedar Point:
  • Cedar Point is scheduled for July 9th opening
  • Park will be open July 9 - September 7 from 11am-8pm (reduced from 10am-10pm)
  • Operating hours for Sept/Oct will be announced later
  • Cedar Point Shores (the waterpark) will not open this summer due to the reduced summer season.
  • The interactive Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island will not open
  • Fast Lane passes will not be for sale, but those who have purchased them will be able to use them.
  • All guests will be required to make a reservation. The reservation system is not up yet.
  • Sister park Kings Island (which opens on 7/2, opened its reservation system on Tuesday, June 23rd)
  • CP will open to season pass holders on July 9th and 10th and then the park will be open to pass holders and resort guests from July 11th to July 22nd.
  • Single-day ticket guests can start to come in on July 23rd.
  • Single-day tickets are not currently available, although will be at a later date.
  • All guests and staff will need to wear face masks
  • No-mask zones called RelaxZones will be located throughout the park
  • Smoking will be eliminated in the park, there will be a smoking area outside the main gate.