Everyday Heroes: Royalty Re-Imagined

By Star 94

Your everyday heroes today are LA artist LaChanda Gaston Artistry and the duo behind Collective Soul, an Atlanta photography studio. 

LaChanda and Collective Soul are the creators behind an incredible photography series, where Disney princesses are reimagined as African American princesses. 

LaChanda says her African American Princess Series is meant to inspire girls around the world to know dreams do come true.

She teamed up with the photography couple Collective Soul here in atlanta, they worked with 14 young girls to represent princesses from Belle, to Tiana to Snow White and more. They used gorgeous satin fabrics, vibrant patterns, and unique crowns "Fit for Queens in the making". 

The series, originally released last month, was intended to uplift children who are overlooked in the entertainment industry. LaChanda says she wanted to create a space where there was an endless amount of beauty, royalty, and magic “so children can see themselves”. 

So for ensuring everybody’s story gets told, to Lachanda Gaston Artistry, and Collective Soul here in Atlanta, you are our Everyday Heroes!

If you'd like to view the full series or buy prints, you can find it all HERE.