Everyday Heroes: The QuaranTEEN Choir

By Star 94

Your Every Day Hero is Logan Mossor, is president of the Hillgrove High School Tri-M Music Honor Society in Powder Springs, and has a passion for the power of music. Logan believes music overcomes the barriers of culture and language. That’s why he has organized the Hillgrove marching band, orchestra and chorus to come together for the Quaran-TEEN choir. 

Duets, trios and quintets have been sharing their music while social distancing. Reaching out to places where they were already serving like nursing homes and assisted living facilities such as Sterling Estates, where they are now broadcasting throughout the screens on each room. 

Elementary schools where the Tri-M Music Honor Society normally visit in person, they now send their videos of musical connection to the teachers of these young students to share with them online. 

Logan believes that even in a challenge, you don’t quit and that music can provide comfort, solace and joy. He says, “We share music because we love music and sharing it with others is fulfilling for both the audience and the musicians performing.”