Jenn Hobby's 5 Things To Do At Home

By Star 94

With extra time and no place to go, you might be looking for some new ideas to spend your time. Here's a few things our very own Jenn Hobby discovered that you can do too! 

1. Watch a make-up tutorial. If you screw it up royally, no one will see it! If you nail the look, then you'll feel fabulous at home all day! Favorite: Lisa Eldridge because she has a British accent and her steps are easy to follow for the everyday woman. She has a tube channel and website. Here's one example:

2. Regift! You have a few things leftover that you can regift - the duplicate your Mom gave you for Christmas, the extra candle, the photo frame that doesn't fit your house, the earrings you never wore. Now is a great time to wrap them up with a little note that says "just because" and deliver to someone who needs a mood lift! 

3. Discover a podcast on - the app is free! You can listen to every segment of our show there - like all of Curtis' Under Quarantine songs or any Group Therapy conversation. I also love Brene Brown's new podcast, Goop and so many others. Download totally free!

4. Bake something - anything. Google the favorite thing you ate as a kid and then go make it! Southern Soufflé's Erika Council @southernsouffle or Sally's Baking Addiction @sallysbakeblog or Nik Sharma @abrowntable are a few of my favorites! 

5. Ride a bike! You can find them cheap at Walmart or online. Riding bikes has been a saving grace for our family. P.S. Drivers please beware that there are kids on bikes everywhere right now, so take an extra look before you pull out of your driveway or complex. And as always, please don't text and drive.