Mark's 5 Things To Do at Home

By Star 94

Marks 5 Fun Things You Can Do At Home Right Now:

- Im not a gamer, but with this extra time, I pulled out the original 8 bit Nintendo and introduced my 7 year old to Mario, Marble Madness and Contra – bonus – the controller only has 2 buttons!!

 - Get Googly eyes at the craft store. It's only about $3 for pack of 100, and we put google eyes on everything. Its fun giving a personality to the microwave. We have put some pics on the Jenn and Friends IG page. 

 - Miss sports? Try Tennis Ball Golf. Grab your pitching wedge and instead of a golf ball, use a tennis ball. Neighbor made a 9 hole course with trees, fire pits and kids toys as the hole.

 - Let kids be in charge of dinner. Our daughter Caroline had so much fun making the menu (which was homemade PB&J sandwich with grapes and meatballs) and being our server. 

 - Neighborhood Play by Play. We sit in the front yard and give play by play of walkers and kids riding bikes “now coming down the hill is a young mom with a stroller, she has a water bottle, but from looks of it, that’s not water!". 


And thats's 5 Fun Things You Can Do At Home Right Now!