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• WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13 - Good Sleep Hygiene

You’ve heard the golden sleep rule of 8 hours per night, but with your busy schedule that seems impossible, right? Understood. It’s tough to carve out that time for yourself, but Dr. Daniel Barone, a neurologist at the Center for Sleep medicine says 8 hours of sleep is critical for a strong, healthy immune system. His tips include establishing a regular bed time and wake up time, turning off electronics before bedtime and exercising regularly. Experts call this habit “good sleep hygiene".

• MONDAY, JANUARY 11 - What's Up With Air-Frying?

What’s up with Air-Frying? With everyone cooking at home more often during the pandemic, air frying is the most popular new trend! This handy kitchen appliance deep fries your food with hot air and a tiny amount of oil. The quick circulation of this hot air makes your food crisp much like deep frying. But it’s a much healthier method! Frozen French fries in the air fryer have about 4-6 grams of fat versus 17 grams of fat in deep fried French fries!