Atlanta's Favorite Nostalgic Spots are Still Open

Missing the "Good Old Days"? From MJQ to Sparkles, check out which of your favorite hangouts are still around!

Johnny's Hideaway - Opened in 1979 - in the early 2000s, it was “ironic” to go here to party. You could end up dancing with retirees. Then it became a hot spot again by 2008.

Northside Tavern - Built in the 1940’s - this was in West Midtown before anyone even called it “West Midtown.”

Clermont Lounge - Atlanta’s oldest strip club, with the basement built in 1955 as a Supper Club, and reborn as the Clermont Lounge in 1965. Beer in a can; wine and spirits in a plastic cup. Made Blondie famous.

Sparkles - Celebrating over 60 years of skating, with the first location in Mableton opening in 1959!

Moondogs - Opened in 1993- In early 2000s, this was a hot spot for the recent college grads, still young enough to wear their Greek letters. Lots of Georgia Bulldog frayed hats, Masters polos and khaki pants.

MJQ Concourse - The underground club that started in 1997! No sign on the door. You just gotta know where to go. Late late night place to “party party.”

Tongue & Groove - Originally in Buckhead Village since ‘94, but moved in 2007

Halo - The upscale bar located underneath the Biltmore Hotel is celebrating 20 years this year! The beautiful people bar. Wear heels.

Blind Willie's - Opened their doors in the Virginia Highlands back in 1986

The Gold Club/ The Gold Room - The Gold Room took over the Gold Club in 2009, 8 years after the Gold Club was shut down!