Barack Obama admits why he didn't award Dolly Parton with Medal of Freedom: 'I'm shocked'

'Actually, that was a screw-up... I'll call Biden'
President Barack Obama and Stephen Colbert
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It’s already an established fact that Dolly Parton is not only an iconic singer, but a national treasure as well.

This was most recently confirmed when news broke of Dolly’s involvement in helping to fund a highly effective COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna.

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During a chat with Stephen Colbert, former President Barack Obama was asked a few questions that he’s probably never heard before; like whether he prefers Frostees or Blizzards, and which Monopoly piece he would choose. Most pressing for Colbert, a confessed superfan, was the question of why the Country icon never received the Presidential Medal of Freedom during his time in office.

Obama, who was on the show promoting his new memoir A Promise Land, admitted it was a "screw-up" not to honor Parton, and said he simply "assumed that she had already got one. And that was incorrect. I'm surprised. She deserves one."

"Looking back your eight years, do you realize that's the mistake you made," Colbert asked with a smile. "Actually, that was a screw-up," Obama declared.

"I'll call Biden," he said, referring to his former second in command and current President-elect Joe Biden.

We 100% agree that he should make it happen as well.

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As the holidays approach Dolly has called for unity, asking people to "carry that Christmas spirit" into the new year, one which may even see the 75-year-old pose in the pages of Playboy once again.

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