Join the BE LOVE Campaign

Star 94 honors Black History Month in partnership with The King Center. Learn how you can BE LOVE, take action toward building community, and create a more just, humane and peaceful world.
be love

Join the King Center and Star 94 in the quest for justice through the 'Be Love' campaign.

BE LOVE was created by the King Center this year amid uncertainty, polarization, and global tension to help answer three critical questions facing humanity:

1. Who must we be?
2. What must we do?
3. What are we to accomplish?

The BE LOVE campaign’s mission is to inspire humanity to embody the true
definition of love, while building and choosing community over chaos.

How can you be a part?

1. Take the BE LOVE pledge
2. Sign up for the King Center's Nonviolence365 virtual trainings
3. Support and collaborate with your local organizations that stand against all forms of oppression - racism, social injustice, economic inequity, etc.

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