Mena Suvari discusses 'Don't Tell A Soul,' reveals baby details

New movie, soon-to-be-mom
Mena Suvari
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By 98.1 WOGL

Mena Suvari talked with WOGL and RADIO.COM's Glenn Kalina about her movie Don't Tell A Soul, which marked a different role that she was excited to play.

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“That’s what I love and what meant so much to me is that they came to me and thought of someone like me for this,” she said.

“This is the type of work that I enjoy the most, that’s the most challenging.”

Alex McAulay made his directorial debut with the film, but Suvari’s experience with the director made her feel like he was a seasoned pro. “He’s incredible, he’s unbelievably talented” Mena said. “This project came to me and I was the last one to be cast. I felt so incredibly honored that they thought of someone like me for the role of Carol.”

While the film is certainly something to celebrate, it’s not the only big news Suvari has to share. Mena and her husband Michael Hope are expecting their first child together, a baby boy. She already has a nursery set up, “it’s very natural, like nature elements, woodland elements, and things like that… Hopefully he likes it!”

Mena’s currently at 30 weeks and with all of the work she’s been doing, it’d be easy to see how she could be overwhelmed. Fortunately, she has a strong support system.

“I have an amazing midwife and doula, especially my doula that I call crying and she puts me back together.,” she said with a laugh. “My husband has been incredible.”

“For the most part, the people that I know have children. It’s really comforting when they just give me advice and tell me to calm down,” she exclaimed with a laugh.

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