PHOTO: Kitten rescued in NorCal fire dubbed 'Baby Yoda'


When a Northern California fire crew discovered a kitten while battling the North Complex Fire, she was covered in smoke and ash and struggling to breathe.

She was immediately rushed on September 20 to the Cal Oak Animal Shelter, where a veterinarian examined her, the North Valley Animal Disaster Group said, according to CNN.

With her huge ears and round eyes, her look was uncanny. So, when the group posted her photo on Facebook, it didn't surprise anyone when they named her Baby Yoda.

The kitten is being cared for a medical foster until she's ready for adoption.

Typically, it takes at least a month for rescued pets to be offered for adoption, and are placed on the Pet Harborside website in the hopes of reuniting the animals with their owners.

"We will hang on to the animals and give everyone a chance to get their lives together before claiming their animals," North Valley vice president Norm Rosene told CNN. "Who knows, Baby Yoda's parents might be out there looking for her and waiting to get her back."