Liam Neeson is 'Taken' a permanent break from action movies


Liam Neeson has a very particular set of skills, skills that he has acquired over a very long career – but they will no longer be used in action movies, says the actor.

The 68-year old actor has a new thriller, “The Marksman,” coming out soon, but he told ET that it will be one of his last.

“There’s a couple more I’m going to do this year” he shared, noting that there are “a couple in the pipeline and then I think that will probably be it.”

Neeson said that part of his decision to stop filming action movies came after a recent shoot in Australia for the movie “Blacklight.”

“I had a fight scene with a kid – lovely, sweet actor called Taylor – and halfway through the fight I looked up. I was breathless and it didn’t cost him a cent,” said Neeson, pointing out that the actor, who is 25, is “the age of my eldest son!”

This isn’t the only genre that Neeson wants to leave in the past. In February he told ET that he was ready to hang up his superhero cape.

“I'm really not a huge fan of the genre. I think it's Hollywood with all the bells and whistles and the technical achievements and stuff, which I admire, but I have no desire to go into the gym for three hours every day to pump myself up to squeeze into a Velcro suit with a cape,” he told the outlet.

Neeson also shared that while he enjoyed his “Star Wars” role “because it was novel,” it was the last time he planned on “acting to tennis balls, which were ultimately going to be little fuzzy furry creatures and stuff.”

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