Deborah Dash Moore discusses the Posen Library and Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization is a comprehensive, ongoing project to build an unprecedented collection of Jewish writings, political thought, religion, visual and performing arts, music, and cultural contributions from around the globe. The Posen library is curated by leading Jewish Scholars. Once complete, the entire collection will be comprised of 10 print volumes (released by Yale University Press) covering biblical times to the 21st century and is available online FREE upon registration at the Posen Digital Library. Currently four volumes are available in print and online covering the period 1750 – 1880 and 1918 – 2005.

Unlike an encyclopedia, The Posen Library puts readers directly in touch with original works, unmediated by interpretation. Curated by leading scholars, the selections are sacred and secular texts, translated from an extensive array of languages.

Deborah Dash Moore, editor in Chief of the Posen Library and Professor of History and Professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan, discusses the Posen Library and Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorated on Wednesday, January 27th.