turkey chicken friends

This Turkey Was Rescued and Found Happiness with Two Chicken Best Friends

Mayflower the turkey is best friends with chickens Lucy and Ethel. After he was rescued from an auction as a baby, he roosted with them, and they showed him the love he needed.
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alligator hot tub

What's That in the Hot Tub? Oh, It's Just My Pet Alligator

Animal control could not believe what they found in this home’s hot tub: Catfish, a 7-foot, 205-pound alligator described by its owner as "a big cuddly lizard."
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Diabetic Kindergartner Raises Money For Service Dog By Selling Pumpkins

Six-year-old Ian, who has diabetes, used pumpkins to help raise more than $20K to get a service dog to monitor his blood sugar. The boy’s parents say his Michigan school would no longer allow him to ride the school bus with the other kids due to the severity of his diabetes.
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Firefighter Distracts Mama Bear As Three Cubs Get Freed From Dumpster

When firefighters heard the sound of their dumpster being tipped and rumblings happening inside they knew something wasn’t right. With a large mother bear lurking in the vicinity distressed by the situation, firefighters dropped everything to help free her cubs who were stuck inside. As one Truckee...
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8-Year-Old Raises Over $38,000 to Buy Bulletproof Vests to Protect K-9's

8-year-old Brady Snakovsky wasn’t sure exactly what he could do to help, he just knew he needed to. The 3rd grader and aspiring police officer noticed that not all K9’s were able to wear bulletproof vests.
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Injured Turtle Gets Fitted with Custom Lego Wheelchair

While Legos might just be for fun for the rest of us, for this tiny turtle, it was a huge help! A wild Eastern box turtle was found injured in a park near the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.
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Baby Gorilla Shows Off Adorable Moves with Gymnastics Tumbles

This baby gorilla is a natural-born gymnast! Little Elle couldn’t help but get excited in her habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo and decided to do tumbles to celebrate.
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How This 3-D Printed Helped Save Dog with Cancer

For the first time ever, 3-D printer technology has been used to save an animal. Nine-year-old Patches received a 3-D printed skull replacement. The Pennsylvania pooch had a tumor which grew through his skull, but thanks to new technology, he was able to have it removed.
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Watch Baby Hedgehog Play Around with Gourds Just in Time for Fall

This little animal is ready to fall right into the new season! FuFu the hedgehog had a grand time playing with some bright gourds at the Oregon Zoo.
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Watch Rescuers Save 14 Alpacas That Were Standing in Floodwaters for Days

With floodwaters in North Carolina still at dangerously high, rescuers are working around the clock to save stranded animals. The Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue , a non-profit organization based in North Dakota, traveled all the way to the storm-rocked state to help.
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