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Police Thank Good Samaritans For Rescuing Woman From Overturned Car In Pond

A woman is lucky to be alive, after several good Samaritans rescued her from an overturned car in an Illinois pond. Police say the 26-year-old woman was going too fast around a curved exit ramp and flipped over into the water.
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Why This Delaware License Plate Sold For More Than $400,000

This license plate is driving up some big numbers at auction. The No. 20 Delaware plate just sold for $410,000 at Emmert Auction. That’s because the number of tags in the state are associated with political power. These plate numbers were even once traded as political favors, but now they’re more...
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Parking lot on grass

It All Starts with Parking in the Grass

We've broken down the best ways for you to DIY a car wash without harming the environment!
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