Firefighters Dive Into Frozen River To Rescue Drowning Deer

Firefighters arrived at a river just in time to rescue a deer trapped in the water. It fell through the icy water near Ontario, Canada.
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Girls Run Into California Firefighter Dad’s Arms After He Was Away For 19 Days

One girl dropped her bags and sprinted into her dad's arms, after not seeing him for 19 days. Her father had been away fighting the California Wildfires.
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First Responders Honored After Saving Dog Stuck 6 Feet Down Drain Pipe

This dog owes her life to a New Jersey fire department. Khaleesi survived being stuck in a drain pipe for almost 24 hours. Now the first responders who saved her are being honored
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Firefighters Welcome 8 New Crew Babies With Adorable Photo Shoot

Meet the newest crew members of this fire department. Parents of the Phoenix Fire Department celebrated welcoming eight new babies with this adorable photo shoot.
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Firefighters Help Lost Cat And Donkeys Get To Safety From California Wildfires

Firefighters in California are doing their best to save all residents including these furry friends. In an area ravaged by the Camp Fire, crews patrolling a property heard meowing. The firefighter got this cat out from the bushes. And the two connected immediately.
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guy fieri

Guy Fieri Prepares Home-Cooked Meal For California Wildfire First Responders

Celebrity chef and TV personality Guy Fieri surprised some exhausted first responders who were fighting the wildfires in California with a warm home-cooked meal. He showed his appreciation for their tireless efforts with pulled pork and side dishes.
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Celebrities Share Shocking Photos of Homes Burned Down in California Fires

Wildfires continue to scorch California as more than 300,000 people have been evacuated. The homes of Gerard Butler, Neil Young, Miley Cyrus and more have been destroyed.
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Community Gives Little Boy Headed For Surgery His Very Own Halloween a Week Early

That little “Superman” riding in the fire truck is four-year-old Sonny Mead on a very important mission -- to get his trick or treating in before having surgery to correct a birth defect.
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WATCH: Firefighters Arrive To Save Dog Stuck In Ventilation Duct

This pup got himself into a doggone mess -- getting itself stuck in the ceiling of a basement heating and ventilation duct.
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Texas Firefighters Rescue State Flag, Stars & Stripes Before Sinking In Floodwaters

Following heavy rains and rising water levels, firefighters made these important patriotic rescues, retrieving two flags from a flagpole that were quickly sinking.
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