UK Zoo Welcomes Extremely Rare Kitten

An extremely rare kitten was born in the United Kingdom’s Chester Zoo. The kitten looks like your run-of-the-mill domestic cat but it’s actually a Highland tiger. It is believed that there are only roughly 100 of the wildcats remaining in the UK. The Scottish wildcat kitten is a product of a...
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Animal Shelter Rescues Five Kittens Abandoned In Sealed Styrofoam Box

If cats have nine lives, then these five kittens are lucky to be getting a new lease on theirs. The adorable animals were found in front of a wildlife center in Florida in a sealed styrofoam box, after they were allegedly dumped. Staff got the baby animals out just in time, but said they were...
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WATCH: Kitten Rescued From Sewer By Yonkers Police

Emergency workers in Yonkers came to the rescue of a tiny kitten stuck in a sewer on Saturday.
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