Bill Belichick Still Doesn't Have Good Answers For How The New England Patriots Botched That Last Play

After several more questions about the stunning 69-yard touchdown that beat the New England Patriots in the final seconds, Bill Belichick indicated it was the least of his team's problems in the game.
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Is Dak Prescott Good Enough To Win The Dallas Cowboys A Playoff Game?

The Dallas Cowboys and QB Dak Prescott have won five games in a row. "I just don’t believe in the Cowboys’ offense still. ... I would take the Seahawks over the Cowboys if they played in the Wild Card weekend right now,” former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz said.
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brady timeout

Tom Brady's Biggest Regret From The New England Patriots' Wild Loss To The Miami Dolphins

Tom Brady took responsibility for getting sacked in the waning moments of the first half in the New England Patriots' shocking loss. “Don’t give away three points like that. That was just a really bad play by me,” Brady said.
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Tom Brady Has An Explanation For His Mysterious Knee Episode During The New England Patriots' Wild Loss

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady briefly crumpled to the field to grab his left knee in the second half of a shocking loss to the Miami Dolphins. Brady explained the equipment malfunction that led to that scary moment.
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The Washington Redskins May Consider Cleaning House After This Season's Complete Collapse

The Washington Redskins have lost four straight games and are down to their fourth quarterback. This offseason, the organization will consider making changes in the front office and on the coaching staff.
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seahawks wilson

Everything To Know About Seahawks Vs. Vikings

The NFC Wild Card race is bunched up and could get even crazier if the Minnesota Vikings lose this game.
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The New York Jets Need To Figure Out How Their Next Head Coach Will Get Along With The GM

The New York Jets have an unusual power structure in which both GM Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles report directly to ownership, and that reportedly has led to friction within the organization.
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Everything To Know About Rams Vs. Bears

This game will give you some sensational offense and some terrific defense in a must-watch primetime affair that is very important in the NFC standings.
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dak zeke

Everything To Know About Cowboys Vs. Eagles

Oh boy, have things gotten interesting in the NFC East. With Mark Sanchez now leading the way for the Washington Redskins, it’s essentially down to just the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys for the division crown.
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texans hopkins

Everything To Know About Texans Vs. Colts

It’s been remarkable to see the Houston Texans completely turn their season around after dropping the first three games. The Indianapolis Colts' turnaround has been fun to watch as well.
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