Waitress With Incredible Work Ethic Straps Son To Back During Restaurant Shift

Nothing stops this working mom- even if means bringing her kid along for the ride. Kori Dotson unexpectedly filled in for a waitress shift, but her babysitter wasn’t home. So she strapped her two-year-old, Rhody, to her back and got to it- refreshing drinks, taking orders and even washing dishes.
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Dad Creates Incredible Disney-inspired Costumes For Toddler Son

Adorable baby Beckham loves to dress up for Halloween, no matter the season. It’s all thanks to his dad Tucker, who creates the incredible Disney-themed costumes. But the favorite animated inspiration is “Toy Story.”
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These Baby Disney Princesses Reunited One Year After Going Viral, Still Adorable As Ever

Say hello once again to some of the youngest Disney princesses to ever go viral!
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