Jimmy John’s Delivery Driver Rewarded Win New Car After Helping Veteran

This restaurant employee’s selflessness proves that good service really does pay off.
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Double Arm Transplant Veteran: 'Everyday I'm Pushing Myself'

In 2010, John Peck was in Afghanistan operating a minesweeper with the Marines when IED exploded changing his life forever.
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Fire, Police and Military Veterans Dress As Superheroes for 8-Year-Old Boy's Funeral

This little hero was laid to rest by those he idolized most, his favorite superheroes.
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Wheelchair Bound Marine Veteran Gains Independence with Custom Home

With the help of the kind hearts at The Gary Sinise Foundation, Major Burkett's new abode in Pennsylvania is now a wheelchair accessible smart home for his family of eight.
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104-Year-Old WWII Vet Kicks Off Memphis Minor League Game With First Pitch

This WWII vet is proving it’s never too late to score big at a great American pastime.
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Jerry Cantrell

How Alice in Chains' Music Speaks to Vets

This article originally appeared on On a recent road trip, I heard Alice in Chains ’ 1993 grunge classic “Rooster” and was taken with how relevant it still is today. The song is about the strength of a soldier who headed to Vietnam, leaving behind his wife and kids, and saw his...
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