Appeals court to hear arguments in murder case against former Balch Springs officer


Former Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver may still has a chance to get his murder conviction overturned.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals did not set a date or give any reason, other than to say it would hear oral arguments in the high profile case.

Oliver is serving a 15-year prison term for murdering 15-year old Jordan Edwards as the teenager left a loud part in Balch Springs almost 4 years ago.

Edwards was a passenger in a car of unarmed teens that was driving away as police arrived. During his trial Oliver testified.

"As I was gaining ground toward him, I had to make a decision - this car is about to hit my partner, there were threats inside the car, and when lethal force is being presented toward us, I had no other option but to use lethal force" said Oliver at the trial.

No other officer at the scene thought there was a danger to anyone.