One organization, giving kids hope while saving you money

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By TALK 980am

Kansas City, MO - Braden's Hope for Childhood Cancer is an organization that funds research locally, and when Queens Price Chopper called looking for ways to give kids hope they devised a plan that will do just that, along with saving you some money. January 23rd through the 26th you can shop at the location on 151st and Metcalf for select discounted items and a set amount will be donated to Braden's Hope. 

"There are some meats and cheeses, and if you buy a pound of those, we get a dollar or ten cents from a different product. That will add up really quickly when people go in and stock up and save themselves," explains Deliece Hofen, President of the organization.

It wasn't until her own son was diagnosed that she realized how overlooked and under-funded childhood cancer is. 

"We fund one-million dollar grants each year between Children's Mercy Hospital, KU Cancer Center and the Stowers Institute," says Hofen. 

Braden's Hope was created to level out the difference. Though Braden, at the age of three, was told there was no known cure, today he's a happy healthy 15 year old freshman in high school.