Trump's 'Diet Coke button' was real, and Biden has already had it removed from the Oval Office

By KCBS Radio

Sometimes you just need a Diet Coke, right?

As you might know, President Trump loved Diet Coke.

Like, he really loved Diet Coke.

According to a 2017 profile that appeared in The New York Times, the former president would consume a staggering 12 Diet Cokes a day, part of a diet that reportedly included lots of fast food and meatloaf. There was even a rumor that Trump had a button in his office that - when pressed - would summon White House staff with a fresh Diet Coke upon a silver platter.

Well, it turns out that the rumored "Diet Coke button" was very real, and President Biden has already had removed it from the Oval Office.

The change was immediately noticed by Tom Newton Dunn of Times Radio.

The button was one of several changes Biden’s team made to the Oval Office, including adding a bust of Mexican-American activist César Chávez and a portrait of founding father Benjamin Franklin.

It's not clear what Biden's favorite soda is or if he intends to install a button.