RADIO.COM's Country Hit Pick of the Week: Nate Barnes - 'You Ain't Pretty'

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This week’s RADIO.COM Country Hit Pick of the Week is Nate Barnes' "You Ain't Pretty."

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"Well come here girl, give me a kiss / Let me have a shot at this and tell you what that mirror missed / So you don't have to think that you ain't pretty..."

"I ain't ever seen you looking any less than a ten / Every time's like an angel walked in..."

The South Haven, Michigan native "sings about God, family, hard work, heartache, love, the simple life, and its simple joys." Currently in the studio working on his debut for Quartz Hill Records, in partnership with The Orchard and Sony Music, Barnes was discovered as a result of a chance encounter when he met chart-topping songwriter Jason Sellers while passing through Nashville

"Country music teaches you about life – about how to live, about how to be and about how to treat people," Nate says. "It made me feel things that I didn’t want to feel and that shifted my whole deal. It changed how I lived, how I thought and my whole perspective on life."

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