8 potential candidates to replace Larry Michael on Redskins broadcasts

By 106.7 The Fan
With Larry Michael, the longtime "voice of the Redskins," announcing his retirement, Washington will need to work quickly to find his replacement in time for the 2020 NFL season.

Fortunately, D.C. is a hotbed for broadcasting talent, with many potential candidates already in Dan Snyder's backyard. Draw the candidate pool outside of the nation's capital and there are even more potential fits, some with local ties that could make the transition seamless.

This is our list of best fits to take over Michael's play-by-play duties on Redskins Radio (in no particular order):

Steve Buckhantz
The longtime play-by-play announcer was heartbroken when NBC Sports Washington decided to go in a different direction on its Wizards television broadcasts after the 2018-19 NBA season. After 22 years of shouting "Dagger!" to put the button on Wizards victories, Buckhantz has a built-in connection with the D.C. audience that few could match. After a brief stint manning in-house announcing duties for the short-lived DC Defenders, Buck's been spending his time recording a podcast with Phil Chenier, his longtime broadcast partner with the Wizards.
Grant Paulsen

Midday host of 106.7 The Fan's "Grant & Danny Show," Paulsen is one of the youngest, most talented candidates on this list and has a broadcasting resume that doesn't quite seem possible at 32 years old. This former child prodigy first became known to a national audience in the 1990s, going inside the Redskins locker room on behalf David Letterman for the "Late Show" on CBS. Paulsen has put together an extensive resume since, frequently breaking news stories as a Redskins beat reporter for 106.7 The Fan from 2009 to 2014, when he transitioned into a full-time radio host for the station. Paulsen has extensive experience doing play-by-play for the AFL's Washington Valor, the XFL's DC Defenders and countless other sports affiliations, and is a regular television presence locally on NBC Sports Washington.

Frank Herzog
Sonny, Sam and Frank were in institution in Washington as the longtime radio crew for Redskins broadcasts. Alongside Redskins greats Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff, Frank Herzog was the "voice of the Redskins" from 1979 to 2004, when he was replaced by Michael, cutting a Beltway-sized hole in the hearts of many Redskins fans. Jurgensen, the last vestige to the Redskins glory years on the radio, finally retired ahead of the 2019 season. Herzog also called games for the Washington Bullets and Maryland Terrapins, and was also a regular presence on local television affiliates WJLA and WUSA for decades. He finally retired from D.C. media altogether, parting from his news anchor role on WTOP in 2010.

Perhaps it's time for Snyder to finally right this injustice once and for all, bringing Frank back to shepherd fans into a new era of Washington football.

Chick Hernandez

This is one of the most glaring choices. The jocular Hernandez has left a void in the D.C. media landscape that's been predictably filled with self-seriousness since he departed from NBC Sports Washington in June 2018. For 17 years, Hernandez roasted colleagues on and off camera, bringing a unique blend of quick wit and incisive analysis to television broadcasts. In recent years, Hernandez was the first face Redskins fans saw after local television broadcasts, delivering the type of snap summary of games that only someone keenly aware of Redskins fans' emotions could. And when a smile was needed to cut the mood, Hernandez was always ready to deliver that gut-busting punchline.

Dan Hellie

On the short list of candidates to replace Buckhantz on Wizards broadcasts a year ago, this local product could be primed for a return home after seven years at NFL Network. As a former sports anchor at NBC4 (WRC) from 2006 to 2013, Hellie – polished under the grindstone of the great George Michael – is already well-attuned to the D.C. market and a veteran of Redskins coverage. He recently launched the HelliePod, giving him a chance to share more of his personality and interview prowess in a longer form setting, while not being constrained to the heavily formatted limitations of broadcast television. Hellie's would be a warm, familiar voice to hear on Sundays.

Lindsay Czarniak

One would be challenged to mention Hellie without also thinking of Lindsay Czarniak, his former NBC4 colleague. Czarniak, too, is a local standout who's made good in the national sports landscape, serving as a "SportsCenter" host and a master reporter and interviewer for ESPN from 2011 to 2017. She once replaced the great Brent Musburger as host of ABC's Indianapolis 500 coverage and has a long resume covering racing, including NASCAR coverage for TNT and FOX. Czarniak joined WRC in 2005 under the legendary George Michael, and would develop a strong on-air chemistry with Hellie as the duo shared co-anchor duties after George Michael's 2007 departure.

Kevin Sheehan
The longtime host of "The Sports Fix" on the once Dan Snyder-owned The Team 980, Sheehan has been a mainstay on D.C. radio since 2004, hosting various programs with the likes of Washington Times columnist and current 106.7 The Fan contributor Thom Loverro, and former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley. After a brief stint away from radio following Snyder's 2018 sale of his remaining radio properties, Sheehan returned to to the station in Aug. 2019, using the time in between to launch a daily podcast, which he still maintains today.
Pete Medhurst
A dark horse candidate, this 106.7 The Fan regular is a full-time sports update anchor with a play-by-play resume so long, it just begs for a second look. Medhurst is the longtime PxP voice of Navy Football and calls college lacrosse for the Big Ten Network. His list of announcing duties also includes harness racing as Rosecroft Raceway and, in May 2019, Medhurst received the broadcasting opportunity of a lifetime, getting called up to the big leagues to fill in for Dave Jageler on the Washington Nationals' radio broadcast.