Is Bryce Harper really worth big bucks?

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By 106.7 The Fan

He may never sign. 

As the seemingly never-ending free agency of Bryce Harper enters month number four, it may be time to discuss the possibility he never plays again. 

OK, that's enough time, Harper will sign somewhere soon and play professional baseball in 2019. 

But with the market for the 26-year-old former MVP sluggish, many have pointed the finger at anti-competitive actions like tanking and others have said there is collusion.

However, on MLB Network, Brian Kenny said Harper's diminished market value may partly because of some inconsistent play. 

"There is little denying this can be a great player, even an all-time great. But at an all-time price point? A club wants certainty," Kenny said. "And Bryce Harper isn't giving you that."

Is Bryce Harper still on an All-Time great trajectory?

We put the free agent slugger...into #TheShredder: #MLBNow

— Brian Kenny (@MrBrianKenny) February 1, 2019

But when you take the good of Harper with the bad of Harper, Kenny says he is a "top 5-7 hitter in the game" who is entering his prime. Which team wouldn't want a player like that on their roster?

Whatever the reason, Harper remains a free agent and the Washington Nationals may still be in the mix. 
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