WATCH: Caps announcer recreates Stanley Cup call in a bar full of fans


"All we need is a puck drop...."

If you are a fan of the Washington Capitals, these words have definitely been floating around your head for the last twelve months.
And if you are a fan of the Vegas Golden Knights, well... we're sort of sorry about all that. Sort of. 

"...and release the hounds..."

The call from play-by-play announcer John Walton, the voice of Capitals hockey on 106.7 The Fan, of the final seconds of Game 5 of the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals will never be forgotten.
And on the 365-day anniversary of the Capitals first Stanley Cup win, Walton stood in a booth at a bar and recreated his goosebumps inducing call from when the Caps became champions. And he didn't disappoint.

It all happened!!!!!

— Rave Sashayed (@_sashayed) June 8, 2019


Earlier Friday Walton went to find the spot his son, Jack, stood celebrating the Capitals win on F Street outside Capital One Arena. 

One year ago tonight: @WaltonJack90 on F Street celebrating the Cup. Tonight: I did my best to recreate it in the same place. #ItsOktoBelieve

— John Walton (@WaltonCaps) June 8, 2019

Because sports really is the best when it is shared between parents and their kids.

And a bonus: Here's Walton delivering that glorious call from the booth in Las Vegas.

VIDEO: Watch @WaltonCaps final call on @CapitalsRadio as #ALLCAPS win the #StanleyCup!! Cc @WTOP

— Ben Raby (@BenRaby31) June 8, 2018  

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