Hoffman: Redskins want Keenum vs. McCoy QB competition


For the second offseason running the Washington Redskins made a trade for a quarterback.

This time, however, there are no illusions about finally finding the long-term solution: Case Keenum will likely replace Alex Smith as QB1, but Keenum will not become the main man in the District. 
“He’s a bridge quarterback,” Jason Bishop of The Sports Junkies said Friday. “How much better than Colt (McCoy) is he? Probably not much. But, you know, they just create some competition in there.”
And competition is the name of the game for the Redskins, especially with Alex Smith still recovering from multiple surgeries on his right leg.
106.7 The Fan Redskins reporter Craig Hoffman reports this will "100 percent" be a competition between Keenum and McCoy for the starting job. 

While Keenum may end up being the starter, Hoffman notes the Redskins made a smart move because they got a quarterback they desperately needed, but "they also don't have delusions of grandeur that they just solved their quarterback problem."

“They need multiple guys in that building and Colt was literally the only (QB) on the roster. Josh Johnson, not only is not under contract, but just had ankle surgery – or is having ankle surgery in the next couple of days… so he’s not really an option, either. Not that he was a great option.” 

“I think this is actually an incredibly savvy move by this front office,” Hoffman said.

And the move still allows Washington the maneuverability to go after another quarterback like Josh Rosen, who seems surplus to requirements in Arizona. 

“This is a small addition with no subtraction,” Hoffman said. “It doesn’t take any other option off the board.”

"So what (the Redskins) were able to do was acquire the guy who, for the price, was the No. 1 guy on their list, at the price they wanted," he said.

With plenty of offseason to come, this may only be the first move in a wild offseason for the Washington Redskins.

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