Finlay: It's 'naive' to think Meyer won't land Redskins job

By 106.7 The Fan

It would be naive to think it’s unlikely that the Washington Redskins could land Urban Meyer to be their next head coach, NBC Sports Washington’s JP Finlay told 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes. 

Meyer was spotted in Dan Snyder’s box at FedEx Field on Sunday, prompting some to speculate he is a candidate to replace Jay Gruden, who was fired in October. Receiver Terry McLaurin told reporters Meyer was in attendance to watch his former players, but Finlay said Meyer shouldn’t be ruled out as a potential head coach. 

“What Dan has showed clearly, repeatedly is an ability to land the big fish, to land the surprise hire and to promise the big fish control,” Finlay said. “...These things have happened throughout the Snyder ownership and I think it’d be crazy to think ‘no, it’s not going to happen, he was only here for the White House Christmas party.’”

Meyer attended the Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia on Saturday and made the trip to Landover to watch the Redskins on Sunday. The fact that Meyer opted to watch the game alone is enough to make him a serious candidate for a job inside the organization, Finlay said. 

NFL reporter Benjamin Allbright reported earlier this week Meyer isn’t a coaching candidate but has been helping the Redskins lead their coaching search.

Regardless of why Meyer was at FedEx Field, Finlay said a “dream” scenario would have Meyer working in an advisory role and Ohio State coach Ryan Day coming in as the head coach.

“It’s a weird, interesting situation that frankly, I don’t think anybody really knows what’s going to happen,” Finlay said. “I do think I’m not overly dismissive of the future of Urban in Washington because he was just here. He was here. He was in that building.”

Finlay said while fans shouldn’t read too much into Meyer’s presence, he likely had a clear reason for attending the game.

“There are plenty of ties, if Terry reached out to him and invited him, that’s your guy and you want to go support the kid,” Finlay said. “I get all that. I think it’s a little naive to just dismiss (it as) ‘oh, he was just taking in that game like plenty of other people.’”

Time will tell why Meyer chose to watch the Redskins on Sunday, but Finlay said not to rule any possibility out until decisions have been made internally.


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