Former Redskins employees accused of sexual harassment by at least 12 women

By 106.7 The Fan
More than a dozen women have alleged sexual harassment and verbal abuse by former Redskins employees in a Washington Post expose extensively detailing the alleged abuses.

The expose, published Thursday afternoon, opens with a former female employee, Emily Applegate, who went on the record with The Post: "A few months after Emily Applegate started working for the Washington Redskins in 2014, she settled into a daily routine: She would meet a female co-worker in the bathroom during their lunch breaks, she said, to commiserate and cry about the frequent sexual harassment and verbal abuse they endured."

According to The Post, three former team employees – Larry Michael, who abruptly retired on Wednesday; and former front office members Alex Santos and Richard Mann II, both of whom were fired last weekend – are all accused of improper behavior.

Applegate tells The Post she and other female employees were subjected to "relentless sexual harassment and verbal abuse that was ignored — and in some cases, condoned — by top team executives."

According to The Post, allegations span from 2006 to 2019 and fall into two categories: "unwelcome overtures or comments of a sexual nature, and exhortations to wear revealing clothing and flirt with clients to close sales deals."

Seven former employees told The Post that Michael in particular "routinely discussed the physical appearance of female colleagues in sexual and disparaging overtones."

Santos was accused of harassment in the story by two reporters who have covered the team in recent years, one of whom told The Post that Santos pinched her and told her she had "an ass like a wagon," wile repeatedly asking her to date him.

In one text message obtained by The Post, Mann II allegedly told a female employee that he and several colleagues had debated whether her breasts were surgically enhanced. In another text message obtained by The Post, Mann II allegedly told another female employee to expect an "inappropriate hug... And don't worry that will be a stapler in my pocket, nothing else."

You can read the full expose – written by Will Hobson, Liz Clarke – in The Washington Post.