Paulsen reacts to missing out on Washington radio gig: 'That's the dream job'


How does it feel to come so close to reaching your most desired career milestone only to come up just a little short in the eleventh hour?

In the interest of transparency with his 106.7 The Fan listeners, Grant Paulsen shared exactly that on Wednesday, his experience of being one of the finalists to land a spot in the Washington Football Team's radio booth – a job he's dreamed of having since childhood – only to see the organization go in a different direction.

"Now I want to break this down with you, but I've just got to get out of the way first, just out of sheer transparency and honesty," Paulsen said. "I was in the running for that gig and it meant the world to me to have been one of the last couple people they were talking to."

"I'm not going to go into many of the details for a lot of reasons," he said. "The process itself was great, but you don't talk to a company about taking a job and then go spill all the beans."

The team announced Tuesday it's hired Bram Weinstein and longtime Washington player DeAngelo Hall to join the booth in 2020.

"The bottom line is this," Paulsen resumed. "Being one of the last couple of people they were discussing that job with was one of the biggest thrills of my lifetime. I was born into a family that loves that football team and have had the privilege for many years, Danny, now on the radio with you and before that, as a beat reporter, of making money talking about that football team."

"My wife's a season ticket holder and will continue to be," Paulsen disclosed. "And that's the dream job. As you know, I want to do play-by-play. I've been lucky enough to call Valor games and Defenders games, and since I was a kid, you know a lot of people want to play in the NFL... I wanted to call games.

"So just being considered for that gig to the extent that I was, and getting to have the meetings and go out to dinner with Julie (Donaldson) and some of the things that happened, was one of the biggest honors of my career. But I congratulate Bram, and I'm thrilled for him and I hope they do a really good job."

"The only reason I bring that up," Paulsen added, "is because it would be awkward if I'm sitting here talking about this and giving opinions, and people see something – JP Finlay and others tweeting yesterday about my involvement – so I just think I have to be honest with our listeners."

"That having been said, the booth is set and they've gone with Bram, and that came down yesterday, and they've gone with DeAngelo Hall."

An all-class response to what surely was a devastating blow.