Rouhier: Gruden doesn't want to be Skins fall guy

By 106.7 The Fan

The mood of Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden has been the topic of conversation these past few weeks.

Is he happy? Is he unhappy? Or is he just feeling lukewarm?

Following up on various reports, Danny Rouhier looked at the preponderance of evidence and came to a logical conclusion: Jay Gruden is unhappy.
"He ain't happy. He ain't dumb. He also knows he doesn't have enough and this team hasn't done enough this offseason (to fix an) offense that was a hot pile of fire-garbage last year," Rouhier said on 106.7 The Fan Friday.
"They've brought back Brain Quick, they've lost Jamison Crowder, they've got Ereck Flowers, who failed his way out of two different places to maybe try and play left guard. Who the hell knows? They have not upgraded an offense that was putrid," he continued. "You still are not as good as you ended last season and that wasn't any good at any spot."  

Gruden's frustration with some of the offseason moves likely comes from a lack of desperation among the organization to revamp and retool the roster, Rouhier noted. And if things go bad, the head coach is usually the fall guy.

"If I'm Jay I'm sitting here going, 'I'm going to get canned and there's going to be a stink on me 'cause I'll have a losing record by a lot in this place... and maybe I'm never a head coach again (after leaving here). I don't have enough!'" Rouhier said. 

In case you missed it, the latest round of not-so-good news for the Redskins came after a source told The Sports Junkies' Eric Bickel that Gruden is "not being consulted on any of these moves."

"He's super frustrated," Bickel said. "(Team president) Bruce (Allen) is calling all the shots. They're not consulting Jay at all."

Then, this week 106.7 The Fan's Chris Russell followed-up to report Gruden is unhappy and "he's come out guns a-blazin' in some ways." 

"From the way it was described to me yesterday, by a source that is very familiar with Jay, is he doesn't give a bleep right now, about what he says and what people think about him," Russell said.

While The Fan's Redskins reporter Craig Hoffman has pushed back on some of these reports indicating Gruden is involved in the free agency process, Gruden has expressed some frustration on multiple occasions this past year.

Rouhier hinted at a root cause of the frustration: Gruden doesn't want to be the latest person to be blamed for the Redskins' organizational struggles.

"The key point is, this frustration came from somewhere," he said Friday. "You look at what's happened before. A person is in that front office, whether it is Bruce or otherwise, covers their butt. They duck and cover. And they figure out a way to get blame on somebody else." 

Gruden doesn't wish to be that person.

"Bruce is there, he's been there, that's the constant and somehow it never works out with any of these saviors they trot out there," Rouhier said. "Jay's being hung out to dry and he knows it."

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