Buying or Selling? Louis Riddick's 'monstrous' hype for Dwayne Haskins

ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick has extremely high hopes for Dwayne Haskins in his second NFL season.

"I expect Dwayne Haskins to have an absolutely fantastic, monstrous year, provided everything else around him stays in tact, because he's earned it, he's worked for it this offseason," Riddick said last week on ESPN. "And I'm without a doubt betting on the fact that he's hoping that it's gonna pay off for him once September rolls around."

Riddick would praise Haskins for his "perfect approach" this offseason, which has resulted in dramatic weight loss for the second-year quarterback, who's documented his own workouts throughout the offseason on social media.

"I've had some correspondence with him back and forth via text message and what have you," Riddick divulged. "And if you look at his social media and you see, look, he basically chronicled his entire offseason as far as how hard he has been working, how much weight he has shed. He looks absolutely fantastic."

"I think he's going to have one of those types of years here in his second year, maybe very similar to how Jared Goff kind of took off when Sean McVay got his hands on him out there in LA," he said, "and everyone was like, 'Whoa, wait a minute. This isn't the guy who we saw a year ago.' And that's because people forget context is important when you're talking about quarterbacks.

The Sports Junkies took to the 106.7 The Fan airwaves Wednesday morning to assess whether Riddick's bold prediction is attainable for Haskins.

"Do we think that Dwayne Haskins can have a monstrous year, given the fact that he doesn't have much help at wide receiver?" John-Paul Flaim asked.

"Well, what's a monster year for Dwayne Haskins?" John Auville wondered. "What do the numbers look like?"

"I would say, Cakes, if he plays 16 games – assuming there are 16 games and he stays healthy – I would say more than 22 touchdowns," Flaim replied.

"Yeah, I would say monstrous means 25," Auville returned. "If he gets to that number, sprinkles in two or three rushing touchdowns with his newer svelte frame, then that's a Godzilla-like season. If he approaches anything close to like 30 touchdowns combined, huge season two for Haskins."

Riddick wasn't unrealistic about Haskins' situation in Washington, acknowledging the Ohio State product will need to perform well just to stay on the field in 2020.

"Dwayne couldn't have been put in a worse situation last year," Riddick said. "You want to talk about not sugar-coating something? We all know that he was put in a situation last year where he could not succeed, he absolutely could not succeed.

"Now it's up to Ron Rivera, the head coach, and Scott Turner, the offensive coordinator, to build around this young man and provide a platform from which he can grow. Now, if he doesn't take advantage of that, then he has no one to blame but himself and Kyle Allen will be right there, who has familiarity with Ron Rivera, and he will be there to take over."

Flaim questioned the merits of whether Haskins even has the proper foundation from which to vault himself to a monster season, mainly because he doesn't believe the Washington Football Team will be very good this year.

"Hey look, I hope he's right," he said of Riddick. "We went through it I guess like last week, our predictions, and I just... I don't know. New coach, Dwayne Haskins did show some signs of improvement last year, but the new coach brings Kyle Allen with him, you've now got Alex Smith potentially in the equation."

"I don't see him playing 16 games," he said. "I see the team struggling a lot. I see them losing a ton of games. And I can't see him putting up big numbers, given the fact that he has Terry McLaurin and dreck at wide receiver. That's it. Right?"

"Well, I wouldn't call it 'dreck.' You don't know if it's dreck," Jason Bishop contended. "You've never seen these guys play."

"Okay, that's fair," Flaim said. "(Antonio) Gandy-Golden may turn into something. Maybe Cam Sims will emerge."

"Yeah, well they're hoping," Bishop said.

Peering into his imaginary crystal ball, Auville laid out the mathematical blueprint for how Haskins can perform at a monster level in 2020.

"Here's what's gonna happen. Look, I'm looking into my crystal ball," he said. "He's gonna target Terry McLaurin 175-plus times."

"One-hundred and seventy-five?" Flaim said, laughing. "So that's about 11 to 12 targets per game?"

"Yeah," Auville replied. "Why wouldn't he do that? That makes all the sense in the world. He's your best option on offense."

"Okay," Flaim said. "What if every team brackets him and doubles him?"

"Doesn't matter. He was torching some of the best corners in the league as a rookie and he should only be better," said Auville. "So you target Terry McLaurin 175 times. Steven Sims, he had a nice little relationship working with him toward the end of the season. I think he was targeted like 20-plus times in his last three games with Haskins, so that's a nice safety valve out of the slot.

"Then you work in (Antonio) Gibson and (J.D.) McKissic out of the backfield, and (Dontrelle) Inman catches you – I don't know, I'm not gonna overestimate him – he catches 30 balls."

"Thirty balls?" Flaim interjected. "He had 12 last year!"

"Okay. He was flip-flopping between two teams," Auville said, undeterred. "If he plays 16 games, that's less than two catches per game. I don't think that's outrageous. And then you piecemeal together your tight end spot? That's how you get to your Dwayne Haskins pretty good to potentially monster season. I've laid it out for you! There's the ground work!"