Florio: No sense of hope with Redskins

By 106.7 The Fan
The Washington Redskins are not in a good spot at the start of the offseason. 
The player the Redskins gave a massive contract to last offseason to be the quarterback for the next several years may not ever play again. The executive who helped give that player a big deal is still in charge. And the owner of the team, well he just bought a big new boat

And that isn't easy on the fanbase.

"I don't know how you stay engaged," ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio told The Sports Junkies Thursday. "Every year as a fan you look for hope. And every year you want to think that if things go your way you can make it to the playoffs and maybe get lucky and win a couple of playoff games, maybe get to the Super Bowl."

"It's just unfortunate that there isn't that same sense in Washington that there is in other cities," Florio said.

While the Redskins season started off promising at 6-3, the season was lost and the future clouded due to Alex Smith's injury.

"They need to know, before March, they need to have the best information they can possibly get about the prognosis for Alex Smith," Florio said. "Can he play in 2019? Can he play in 2020? Do we just have to write this off and pay the injury guarantee and do what we can to try put a team out there on the field?"

"This is potentially a disaster at the quarterback position," Florio said.

And what is the cause of that disaster?

"I know it's popular to criticize Bruce Allen right now, but you could go back to a year ago and say, 'Why in the hell did you feel compelled to extend this guy's contract?'" Florio said.
As for Washington owner Daniel Snyder, Florio wonders if he decided mediocrity is easier to deal with.

"Here's my take on Dan Snyder," Florio said. "Did he at some point just, kinda checkout?"

"He was so heavily involved and at some point he just kinda shutdown. And I feel like he shutdown and he can't start up again. And he's just willing to tolerate this mediocrity because he realizes life is a heck of a lot easier than when you're driving yourself crazy trying to make a football team better when nothing you do is ever going to make the team better," Florio said.

For Redskins fans, Florio said, there is not the feeling a contending team can be cobbled together with the right move in free agency or the right draft pick because "you don't have faith in the people who are making the moves."

As they say: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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