Hoffman: 'What Doug Williams said is patently ridiculous'

The news keeps getting worse for legendary Redskins player-turned-front office figurehead Doug Williams.

He made startling comments after the team invested a historic contract in safety Landon Collins, claiming that the team's front office does not consider coaching scheme before signing a player.

Grant Paulsen first revealed some people inside Redskins Park were unhappy with his comments, and 106.7 The Fan beat reporter Craig Hoffman took it a step further: "Doug Williams has gotten absolutely crushed for saying this, and it's not just outside the building."

The problem is not so much what Williams said--it's that what he said isn't true.

"Doug Williams said something that is blatantly wrong," Hoffman said. "There are essentially three different kinds of scouts: college scouts and two different kinds of pro scouts. Some of your pro scouts are scouting for you for games during the season. You then have your pro personnel scouts, who are scouting for free agency and to evaluate the players themselves.

"Initially, you're looking at traits. You're looking at how the player fits into the scheme that he is currently playing in. However, the second the season ends, you get into trying to figure out: will this player fit within our football scheme.

"You are evaluating if they can play a given role within a scheme, and the idea that the scouts don't know the scheme is patently absurd and frankly insulting to the football knowledge of the scouts. They know what's going on.

"You have to make these decisions; just because a player is good at one (style) doesn't mean he's good at the other. If the scouts can't relay the information back to your coaches based on scheme, they're useless. I can tell you that the Redskins don't have a bunch of useless scouts, so what Doug Williams said is patently ridiculous."

Redskins insider Chris Russell provided context that the problem starts at the top with team president Bruce Allen, who has made an intentionally murky power structure.

"I don't blame this, quite honestly, on Doug Williams," Russell said. "Doug Williams was brought in as a personnel consultant, essentially, a personnel executive. My understanding, basically, is that he was getting frustrated with his role and threatened or made overtures that he was going to leave.

"Bruce Allen was looking for a convenient face, a friendly face, and somebody that the media would respect because Bruce Allen knows that the media did not respect Bruce Allen. He concocted this scheme to come up with Doug Williams as not only the role that they parade him out to be but also the voice and the face of the front office.

"But everyone knows, from what I'm told, that coaches, players, personnel in the building and media members, knows that Doug Williams' role is not exactly what it's portrayed to be...Doug should not be in the position that his title says he should be."

Hoffman added: "Nobody knows what in the world is going on."

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