Bayless: With Keenum, 'I now fear the Redskins'

Redskins acquire QB Case Keenum in trade with Broncos
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By 106.7 The Fan
Could the trade for Case Keenum be a turning point for the Washington Redskins? A growing number of NFL voices think so.
Cowboys fan and notable talking head Skip Bayless praised the decision on Friday, suggesting a shift in the balance of the NFC East.

"I am a Case Keenum fan," Bayless started in on his show, Undisputed. "I am here to tell you that I now fear the Redskins next year because of Case Keenum. I know he's a gutty little overachiever, undrafted out of the University of Houston."

Bayless and co-host Shannon Sharpe went into an extensive comparison of Keenum to Kirk Cousins, with Bayless coming down on the side of Keenum being better. 

"Case Keenum is (also) better than Colt McCoy, and I respect McCoy because he's pretty good," Bayless said, looking ahead to the quarterback competition. "He has beaten my Cowboys on a Monday Night pretty badly. He did it and he is capable.

"Case Keenum in the NFL is 26-28 as a starter. It's not great, but it's certainly not bad, and it's better than what Washington had. He would be better next year than Josh Rosen. If you threw Josh Rosen into the starting lineup in Washington next year, you better hide your eyes, because they were hidden last year in Arizona.

Sharpe responded that he would rather pluck his eyes out than watch Keenum or McCoy. Clearly, these shows are not based on wishy-washy opinions.

Elsewhere in TV land, Kay Adams of NFL Media said she could see the Redskins being hot out of the gate with Keenum under center:

Case Keenum -- @Redskins"I think this is going to be a sneaky, healthy, great team to start the year."--: @heykayadams // @gmfb

— NFL Network (@nflnetwork) March 9, 2019

Being great to start the year is one thing, but finishing strong is the part that matters, as the Redskins learned last year. To make that happen, Keenum might need another magical run.

"Case Keenum has to pretty much do what he did in Minnesota," Adams theorized. "Can he do that? I think he can with the Redskins. I think the Redskins also are not done--they are very rich, they have a lot of money...I don't think they're anywhere near being done."

To be clear, team owner Dan Snyder has lots of money. The Redskins really don't have much money to play with (about $13 million, fifth-least in the NFL) unless they cut expensive veterans to make more room.

Adams continued: "I think people are going to sleep on them like they always do...I think they are going to be a sneaky, healthy, great team to start the season."

Hot takes rule the offseason.


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