WATCH: Jordan Reed yells at ref after no-call on helmet-to-helmet hit

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Late in the fourth quarter of the Redskins' 31-23 Thanksgiving loss to the Cowboys, Dallas safety Xavier Woods smashed into Jordan Reed's helmet with his own.

Jordan Reed has every right to be furious, clear hit to the helmet and it goes uncalled. Has to be frustrating, especially for a guy with a history of concussions.

— Mark Bullock (@MarkBullockNFL) November 23, 2018

No flag was thrown, and Reed was understandably fuming.  

Jordan Reed has every right to be mad. that hit should of been called. @NFLOfficiating learn how to do your job right.

— Lexi Rae-- (@lexirae012) November 23, 2018

Jordan Reed has every right to be pissed. Officials are a joke when they decide what’s ‘safe’ for the players. #WASvsDAL

— Adam Johnson (@Mr_GCU) November 23, 2018

Redskins Twitter unleased the fury as well after the seemingly egregious no-call.

How did Jordan Reed not get a penalty for helmet to helmet there? Facemask to facemask blow against a guy with concussion problems. Nothing. #Redskins

— Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) November 23, 2018

What’s the point of refs or rules if you’re not calling that helmet-to-helmet on Jordan Reed?

— Brendan Darr (@BrendanDarr) November 23, 2018

I'll say it again. ANOTHER missed call by this @NFL officiating crew. That's the story. Not BAD calls. ANOTHER miss. Feel awful for my guy Jordan Reed who rightfully is angry, considering his history. These guys are in a tryptophan coma. #Cowboys #Redskins

— Chris Russell (@Russellmania621) November 23, 2018

That hit on Jordan Reed gets you ejected and suspended for 8 weeks in college football

— Jacob Tamme (@JacobTamme) November 23, 2018

Jordan Reed is going to catch a body tonight and it's on your hands @nflcommish

— Colt McCoy Fan Page (@BarstoolNate) November 23, 2018

I was totally ready for Jordan Reed to chokeslam the ref after that. I wouldn't blame him even a little bit either, that's the most obvious non-malicious helmet to helmet hit I've seen.

— Sean Doyle ☘--------⚾️ (@SeanDoylee) November 23, 2018

It's considered wrong to blame referees for losses, but the Redskins certainly have found themselves on the wrong end of several calls in the last two weeks.

By my count that is four blatant, hideous missed calls in this game and obviously it comes the week after the missed Norman call.1) no facemask on Colt in 1st2) Moreau holding call3) No PI call on the last Colt INT4) This not being called helmet-to-helmet

— Craig Hoffman (@CraigHoffman) November 23, 2018

In last Sunday's loss to the Texans, Josh Norman was called for defensive holding on a key third down in the fourth quarter, which allowed Houston to keep possession and run more time off the clock.

And then on the Redskins' final possesion of the game, Josh Doctson was contacted by two Texans defenders before a Colt McCoy pass reached him, but the refs did not blow their whistles. 

Santana Moss told Chad Dukes Monday, "One of the things I've always paid attention to, and I talk about the refs time and time again. When games are close, they're not going our way when it comes to them deciding it for us. No, they're not giving that to us. And that's just been something about Redskins and the refs."

So, uh, Santana Moss starting to look not so crazy for his conspiracy theory about the refs and the Skins...

— Chris Lingebach (@ChrisLingebach) November 23, 2018

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