Top 5 gift ideas for the die-hard Caps fan

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The holiday season is in full swing and for those still looking for a gift for the Caps-obsessed, sports fan on their list, have no fear. Here are five gift ideas to help you come out looking like a champion gift giver. 

You too can win the festive period, just like the Caps won the Stanley Cup. 

Seeing Alex Ovechkin hold the Stanley Cup will never get old for Caps fans.  Now this eight inch tall Ovi, with gap-toothed grin, will never leave their side. Unfortunately, the bobblehead doesn't depict a Nats jersey wearing Ovechkin drinking beer from the Cup. (Maybe next year.)

Stanley Cup Bobblehead Gift Idea for Caps fanPhoto courtesy of The Washington Capitals

4. Caps Hoodie (for men and women)

When gift giving, it is best to not overthink things. The sensible gift is often times the best gift. It gets chilly this time of year, it gets chilly inside Capital One Arena, nobody wants to be chilly, your mother will be glad you brought your hoodie to the game, always be nice to mom. (Bonus points if you can convince your mom to buy you this hoodie.) 

Capitals Hoodie Gift Idea for Men and Women Photo courtesy of The Washington Capitals
Sometimes a game doesn't go your way. There are losing streaks in hockey. But that doesn't mean you can't still see the Caps win. It is impossible to go back in time, but it is possible to bask in the glory of the Capitals Stanley Cup triumph with this DVD. Watching Holtby make "The Save" or DSP's goal or Backstrom celebrating on the bench at the final horn. It never gets old.

Caps_Cup_DVDPhoto courtesy of The Washington Capitals.

2. Stanley Cup T-Shirt (for men and women)

When the Caps are at their hottest, you don't want to be too warm yourself. A t-shirt is the perfect piece of apparel for another long playoff run through the spring and summer. (Also great for games against the Flyers and Penguins.)

Caps Crystal Stanley Cup Trophy for sport fansPhoto courtesy of The Washington Capitals.
The Cup. In your possession. On your mantel. Forever. (Well, sort of.) While smaller than the real Cup, this one is filled with melted game-used ice from the Stanley Cup Finals, which in case you forgot the Capitals won.  

Caps Crystal Stanley Cup Trophy for sport fansPhoto courtesy of The Washington Capitals.

No matter which gift you choose, you will win the holiday season, just like the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup.

(Bonus: Look at how The Sports Junkies turn into giddy children as they get sized for their rings. This could be your loved one, too, if you get really caught-up in spirit.) 
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