Attorney: Quinton Dunbar wasn't there when robbery occurred

By 106.7 The Fan
A lawyer representing Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar claims his client was not at the party when the alleged armed robbery occurred last Wednesday evening.
Warrants were issued last week for both Dunbar and Giants cornerback Deandre Baker for their alleged involvement in an armed robbery that occurred at a party in Miramar, Florida last Wednesday evening.
Among the allegations, the pair is accused of carrying out an armed robbery of people attending the party and making off with thousands of dollars' worth of expensive watches and cash. Both have since been released on bail, but face felony charges of armed robbery with a firearm, with Dunbar facing four counts.
Baker has since pleaded not guilty and ESPN reports Dunbar plans to do so as well.

"First of all, there's no poker game and there was never a statement that he wasn't there," Dunbar's attorney, Michael Grieco, told The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan Tuesday. "He's always consistently maintained that he was at this party or barbecue, or whatever it is.

"What we've also maintained is if there was some sort of robbery, he definitely was not there. He didn't participate in any way, directly or indirectly, and the whole thing is nonsense."

One witness claimed to have met Baker and Dunbar at another party in Miami two days earlier, where he says he witnessed them lose approximately $70,000, which might serve as a motive for the crime they allegedly committed in Miramar. Grieco calls the notion that his client lost $70K at a party two days earlier "even more nonsense."

"Those same guys that claimed that they were robbed also said that he was with Deandre Baker two days earlier and they were gambling somewhere else," Grieco said. "These are all black guys, but, clearly to them, all black guys look the same, because they got the wrong guy. Because Quinton, they say on Monday night he was out gambling with those guys, and I can account for every minute of his whereabouts on Monday night and he was nowhere with those guys."

"How can you account for every minute of his whereabouts?" Grieco was asked. "You were with him?"

"No, but I've got time-stamped photographs, videos and I'm pulling surveillance video from a store that he was standing out on the entire evening," Grieco said.

"Okay, but that was Monday evening. What about Wednesday evening at the party?" he was asked. "You're saying that Dunbar left before this robbery occurred, or maybe there wasn't a robbery? What was Quinton Dunbar doing at the time of this so-called robbery?"

"He left," Grieco said. "There was some argument about some dice game that he was not participating in and he left."

"And I can tell you even further that these four victims – and I'm finger-quoting over the phone – since they gave their statement to police, they have sworn written statements contradicting their own statements," Grieco added. "They gave them to me and they gave them to the attorney for Mr. Baker as well."