Comedian Bert Kreischer talks Joe Rogan and the worst t-shirt ever

By 106.7 The Fan

Bert Kreischer loves to show off his chest. 

He loves it so much he wanted other people to feel the pride his own chest. So he made a t-shirt to promote his Body Shots World Tour of his bare chest. 
Bert thought it would be a smart idea. A smart idea was joining friend Joe Rogan in the podcasting revolution and Rogan's Sober October. However, Bert may have been wrong about this one.
"This has gotta be a huge seller," Johnny "Cakes" Auville said. 
"Yeah, did not sell," Kreischer admitted Tuesday on The Sports Junkies. "I'm taking a bath on that shirt."

Unfortunately, a design flaw in the bare chest shirt made it look like Bert was "so obese."

Having said that, Bert's hairy chest t-shirt still was not his worst idea considering a horrifically disgusting tweet he sent which he tagged #IStandWithWhitney.

Don't look this one up. Just don't. Especially not at work.



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