Top moments from Chad Dukes vs. The World in 2019


No hyperbole here: One of the greatest moments in the history of radio took place this year on Chad Dukes vs. The World.

It tops the best-of list for 2019 and should top just about every best-of list for the history of time.

Having said that, the best of the rest list is strong, too: Dukes calling out the double standard in the fat-shaming of Andy Ruiz, Robert Klemko needing just 40 seconds to explain the Redskins' dysfunction, a diehard Redskins fan wants one more winning season before she dies, Nats announcer Dave Jageler on almost getting taken out by a foul ball, Vinny Cerrato admitting he doesn't pay attention to Bruce Allen, Blue Shorts has yet another birthday meltdown, an extremely awkward on-air confrontation, and Santana Moss and DeAngelo Hall told a funny story about a fake injury.

The 10 best moments from Chad Dukes vs. The World in 2019:

10. Jay Gruden finishes Chris Russell with a lethal zinger
Redskins coach Jay Gruden has bested Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan again.

Russell, when he isn't ruining press conferences and sandbagging all of his colleagues, is probably accusing Gruden of creating a lax practice environment, with music and ping-pong tables at Redskins Park.

 Russell went with somewhat of a backhanded compliment to phrase his question about Washington's receiver group to the Redskins head coach at the time and made the moment unmistakably about himself.

9. Joe Theismann says ESPN's Todd McShay "doesn't know jack-diddly about football"
Former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann told Chad Dukes that ESPN analyst Todd McShay was off base in his comments about the attractiveness of the Resdskins vacant head coaching position. Theismann added that the criticism was "a very irresponsible statement by somebody who really doesn't know jack-diddly about football."

"What does he base a comment like that off of? Those are the kind of things that upset me when people make irresponsible statements," Theismann said on The Fan. "This franchise is brimming with young talent: The defensive line, the linebackers, the secondary, the offensive line, I think the wide receiver position, the quarterback position.

"Are you kidding? I would love the opportunity to be able to come in and coach this franchise," Theismann told Dukes.

8. WWE's Becky Lynch has a message for McGregor, Rousey and Cyborg
Superstar Becky Lynch was nothing if not consistent when discussing the outside influence of Mixed Martial Artists on professional wrestling. What was it like working with someone who has a passion for wrestling, but certainly didn't come from your background of professional wrestling to get to where she was?

"Ronda Rousey came in with a lot of equity and she's an incredibly natural athlete," Lynch told Chad Dukes. "But this isn't her domain, this isn't what she's obsessed about for years and years and years. It's what I have. So, for me, it was a matter of saying, 'Okay, yeah, you're naturally gifted. Yeah, you're born tough. But that's not nearly as impressive or long-lasting as being made tough.' "Because I know I'm not the smartest, I'm not the fastest, I'm not the most athletic; but my God, I am the hardest working and I obsess about it more than anybody."

7. Chris Russell is out of control
Chris Russell's contempt for the media is raging out of control.

As his latest attack on the media transpired – which began with him grumbling at the mere thought that an honest reporter might try to cover him, ya know, honestly – Russell's disdain for journalist led him to carry out a literal attack on the media. Fortunate for the concerned citizens, the Fourth Estate is here, undeterred, fighting to keep you informed in the face of evil.

And months later, The Rooster was at it again. Fortunately, @Roostercast, a subsidiary of CDVTW, was on the scene.
6. Chad Dukes and Broc fight over Maryland and steamed crabs
When crab season arrives, the people of the Chesapeake Bay area lose their mind for steamed crabs. But Dukes is not among the crustacean lunatics.
"I think that it's incredibly embarrassing – and before I take too much crap here, my wife is from Maryland – that the Marylanders base their entire identity on this bottom-feeding cockroach of the bay," Dukes said.

"The two things that I know that Maryland bases their identity on: Natty Boh. It's not brewed in Maryland. Crabs. Most of them come from Louisiana, and even if they do, they suck and everybody knows that king crabs are phenomenally better. Alaskan king crabs. They're something to be proud of. They look like dinosaurs. If one was crawling towards you on the floor, you'd dive out the window."

5. Dukes crushes the City of Fairfax for disrespecting him

Chad Dukes was royally insulted to see the City of Fairfax, where he owns two small businesses, use a photo of a radio competitor to promote his own appearance in Northern Virginia Magazine.

When Northern Virginia Mag lauded Dukes as the best evening DJ of 2019, a distinct honor Dukes has carried a number of times. Recognizing this as an opportunity to tout its local businesses, the Fairfax City Economic Development Authority created a Facebook post linking to the online article, shouting out Dukes and the other Fairfax establishments he mentioned in it. 

There was one big problem: The photo shows Elliot in the Morning, not Chad Dukes.
4. Shan Shariff skewers Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen
Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and team president Bruce Allen have committed "sports crimes" against the fans, Shan Shariff told Chad Dukes and pointed the finger at Redskins management for the team's struggles. Shariff called out the Redskins' dynamic duo for cowardly not speaking to the fans and media. 

"For Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder to hide like weasels, like little snakes, just squirming away from the situation," Shariff said. "I was glad that they got hit with the attendance problem this year, I hope it continues to get worse where Dan feels like he has no other choice but to sell."

"But to run like a bunch of spineless jellyfish, like a bunch of little 'words you can't say on the radio.' Like, man up, dude. You wanna sit there and you wanna embarrass the entire District? You wanna sit there and you wanna force fans to give up their fandom? And then you're too scared, too much of a little wuss to stand in front of a microphone and address it and at least explain yourself? That's cowardly. Those are two little cowards," Shariff said. 

3. Blue Shorts Drinks Pickle Juice, Vomits In Studio
2. Staff fight erupts, Shorts laughs till he pukes (literally)
Somehow the remix was better than the original.

This raucous CDVTW segment starts with a staff fight that's long been simmering beneath the surface, between producers Broc Plymin and Tom Daly. It quickly devolves when Dukes makes Blue Shorts laugh until he vomited.

1. Chris Russell gets busted by the police mid-interview

"Um, Dukes, I think I'm getting pulled over."

The greatest sentence ever uttered in the history of sports radio.

Dukes: “Are you serious, Rooster?”

Russell: “Yeah, I’m getting pulled over. …What do you want me to do? I don’t know what you want me to do.”

There is no topping this one. There is no topping this.

Oh my god. @Russellmania621 just got arrested live on my show. I'm walking away like Andrew Luck after this one. Nothing can top it.

— Chad Dukes ---- (@chaddukes) August 26, 2019

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