Best Grant & Danny moments from 2019


Living in the past is no way to go through life, but that doesn't mean the past should be forgotten.

And in 2019, Grant & Danny had some great moments that are worth remembering and celebrating before we hit the next decade. (No, this does not include Danny's Anthony Rendon impression.)
Just missing out: Rendon revealing he will test free agency during the season, Max Scherzer on his broken nose game, Dave Martinez's pre-Wild Card game message to fans, Sean Doolittle on the special moment of closing out the NLDS, Matt Niskanen's goodbye to Caps fans, Joe Theismann giving Dwayne Haskins permission to wear No. 7, Caller Long Island Tony crushes the Redskins, Ross Pierschbacher giving a pronunciation lesson, Doolittle explaining his little stroll around the Rockies' forest, and 106.7 The Fan Day at Nats Park kicked off the baseball season in style.
But there were some absolutely wonderful and memorable moments on the program starring Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier this year.

Here are the Top 10 Grant & Danny Moments from 2019:

Steve Buckhantz confirmed on air that NBC Sports Washington was going in a different direction and said he thought Tedd Leonsis and his son, Zach, who serves as vice president and general manager for Monumental Sports, could have done more.

"From my perspective, yes, I heard officially from my boss at NBC Sports Washington last night that they were in fact, to use his words, going in a different direction," Buckhantz told 106.7 The Fan. "I like to say going in the same direction with a different person, but yeah, that seems to be the phrase when somebody is let go, that they're going in a different direction. So yeah, that is official."

"So listen, don't kid yourself," Buckhantz said. "Let me ask you a question. If somebody from our company had gone up to Ted and Zach and said, 'Listen, we're thinking about changing the hockey announcers, because I'm just not sure about them,' you don't think he would have looked them right in the face and said 'that's not happening'?

"Well, that didn't happen here, so that's unfortunate, and that's the most hurtful thing. And I have not heard from Ted or Zach at all since this has happened, or since the whole process even began, and that's also hurtful."

Max Scherzer, who appeared on Grant & Danny all season, said he had a simple goal.

"There's two goals I have. One, win the World Series. That's the reason you play this game," he said. "That's the single greatest motivator for everything you do in my life for baseball, is to win and win the World Series."

"But number two is just get better as a pitcher," Scherzer continued. "Find things in my game that I can continue to get better at, pay attention to what's going on in the league to see if there's anything that I'm missing, so that, if there's things I can do to continue to refine all my pitches, to make myself just that much better." 

Grant Paulsen does not like athletes with long hair. He can't stand them. He often likes the player, but can't stand their hair. 

"This is a long-running truth about me that I despise long-haired athletes," Paulsen said on 106.7 The Fan. "If the hair is super long... that (annoys) me to no end."

Bruce Allen is not a popular figure around D.C. But for Sports NFL Insider Michael Lombardi, Allen and owner Daniel Snyder are easy targets for much-deserved criticism.
"Bruce has been the general manager under the disguise as a football guy," Lombardi said. "And let's face it, Bruce never did any football with the Raiders when I worked there. He wasn't even in the draft meetings when we were there. He never was involved in player personnel." 
"So when we say, 'Bruce isn't a football guy. He's a cap guy. He's a business guy. He's a survivor.' People can say, 'Oh, you guys just don't like him.' But when you're in the building and you say, 'Yeah, we really didn't want him to help us pick players,' I think it means more," Lombardi recalled later. "Well, he never picked players."

After Gruden was fired, Lombardi had a prediction that sounded ridiculous, but could still come true.

"I think he not only survives it, (he) probably gets a bonus," Lombardi said of Allen. "If they could probably give him a better title than President, he'd probably will get that. I mean, he ain't going anywhere. Here's the problem: They don't know what the problem is. You can't fix a problem if you won't admit it."

But the best of all, when Lombardi goes with the punter nickname.

"I can't imagine the punter from Richmond has got much of a stake in (the Reskins last two wins) at all," Lombardi said referring to Allen, who punted at the University of Richmond. "But, you know, I can't predict what Dan Snyder is gonna do because any person who is watching his organization, the one with a good culture, would have made decisions about the punter a long time ago."

Former Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden told The Fan the conversation on the morning of Oct. 7 between him, team president Bruce Allen and owner Daniel Snyder was a short one.

"It was pretty brief," Gruden told Paulsen and Rouhier about his last day as the head coach. "I had a hunch it might go on there, but I met them early in the morning on a Monday after the game and was basically let go."

Despite how it ended, Gruden left the Washington organization with no hard feelings.

"It was a great run, I was grateful for the opportunity and unfortunately I didn't get it done. And we had to part ways. They had to go their own way and I gotta go my own way. No hard feelings, whatsoever. I think I did the best I could and ultimately at the end of the day I didn't get it done and they had to go their own way," Gruden said on 106.7 The Fan.

Sometimes you hear stories from Redskins Park that just make you scratch your head. This isn't one of those times.

This story – as relayed by Grant Paulsen – is more along the lines of, 'Oh Dear God, the Redskins really are hopeless.'

It involves Redskins owner Dan Snyder and his top lieutenant, Redskins team president Bruce Allen. It involves business meetings, commerce and office dynamics – all the components you'd expect to see from a first-rate NFL franchise.

It also involves office putt-putt.

"The story is just that (Dan) used to, at certain times, like come out of his office upset, screaming about where Bruce was because Bruce was late for tee time," Paulsen began. "So he'd be like, 'WHERE'S BRUCE?' And everyone's like, 'I don't know. What do you mean, where's Bruce?' He's like, 'He's supposed to be in here! We've got a 3 o'clock tee time!' It's like 3:06."

A team in Washington firing a longtime team president after many years of failure? Of course, it was huge news. (Just as it was huge news late last year when Rouhier released the tapes of Grunfeld's failed three-team trade.)
There were many, many instances of the incompetence of Ernie Grunfeld. Crushing him and crushing owner Ted Loensis for his "irresponsible" anti-tanking stance.

I am so happy. I can’t believe it actually happened. We did it you guys. We did it

— danny rouhier (@funnydanny) April 2, 2019

3. Chris Russell bets his hair and loses it all

This was a dumb bet
"I feel very confident that this is a 7-8 win team with possibly more if eve goes right. Take the over," Chris Russell said of the Redskins in May 2019.

'If the Redskins win 6 or fewer games. I will shave my head. I'm not doing the eyebrows though.' - @Russellmania621

— danny rouhier (@funnydanny) May 9, 2019

He lost.

The bits were so good.

.@Russellmania621 Welcome to the club Rooster!!!#GrantAndDanny #TakeTheEyebrows @granthpaulsen @funnydanny @BrendanDarr

— thom (@TomDaly2) December 12, 2019

Overall, a great day for everyone on the program, except for Russell.

All hail the conquering Washington Nationals!
The World Series champions received an overwhelming reception from their fans during the parade down the streets of D.C. and The Sports Junkies and Grant & Danny got a front-row ticket to this historic event.

No fun Rouhier.

— Grant Paulsen (@granthpaulsen) November 2, 2019

Hey we know these guys!!!!

— 106.7 The Fan (@1067theFan) November 2, 2019

1. Bruce Allen Day

In celebration of 10 years on the job with the Washington Redskins, Grant & Danny celebrated the tenure of Bruce Allen. 

The celebration of Bruce Allen continues as @granthpaulsen has cut the cake!

— Brendan Darr (@BrendanDarr) December 17, 2019

The day featured several guests telling stories, callers regaling their favorite quotes from Bruce, such as "Hello, Grant and Dave, how are you on free agency day?" and "We're winning off the field, but we got to start winning on the field," and best of all: "You know the culture is actually damn good."

And, of course, there was putt-putt!

Next up in the #10YearsOfBruce Invitational on #GrantAndDanny: @TomDaly2.

— 106.7 The Fan (@1067theFan) December 17, 2019

Lastly, it was not @granthpaulsen’s day in the inaugural #10YearsOfBruce Invitational on #GrantAndDanny: The first two shots of his bogey. #meltdown

— 106.7 The Fan (@1067theFan) December 17, 2019

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