WATCH: The best Junkies moments of 2019


What a year!

With the end of the year just days away, it is time to look back on an epic 2019 with some of the best moments from The Sports Junkies

And to help, producer Awadd put together a little montage of the best bits. But this year was so packed with fun, there are so many great bits that were left on the cutting room floor.

Not even included in this montage: The Junkies Holiday Show (which perhaps was because the 2018 version was so wild), the Junkies' playing a supporting role in the Nationals World Series parade, EB's continued struggles with popping bottles, Awadd went on a "date" with Lisa Ann, the Junkies Poker Open set a Maryland record with a huge, unreal turnout, Drab insults Mike Rizzo over his Opening Day suit, there was beef over chicken with the Joe Clair Morning Show, comedian Bert Kreischer told the story of the world's worst t-shirt, there was a massive fight between some of The Fan's producers, the gang got locked out of training camp in Richmond, former producer Ram called in from Vegas while he was intoxicated, Awadd and Valdez argued over perks, Cakes' ugly comforter is just... ugly, Blue Shorts vs. Awadd was an epic fight, Awadd looked for love with an infamous British cougar, the "four morons" outranked Angelo Cataldi, Awadd ranked the Top 5 best looking men at The Fan, there was another massive fight between Tom Daly and Awadd, Max Major put on a show with some wild skills, Blue Shorts told a very embarrassing story, EB had an issue on the internet that sounds NSFW but isn't, The Junkies got their Stanley Cup rings, and, of course, an imbibed Awadd asking "Is the pizza banging tonight?"
And perhaps the most egregious miss: The time a caller regaled the story of how his wife stabbed him for watching too much Nationals baseball. (Yeah, that actually happened.)

And now, without further ado, some of the top moments from The Sports Junkies in 2019:

Michael Lombardi: Dan Snyder's failure to build a culture killing Redskins

"People hope their team wins," but Lombardi warns "don't ever confuse hope for a plan."

Since Dan Snyder bought the team 20 years ago and Bruce Allen became the top executive 10 years ago, there have been periods defined by hope, but Lombardi says there's no plan under Dan. 

"They're hoping they hit with a quarterback, they're hoping they hit with a coach, they're hoping," Lombardi told The Junks. "There has never been a plan under Dan Snyder reign."

Why has the franchise been a disappointment since Snyder bought the team? It comes down one thing: Culture.

"(Snyder) doesn't understand that culture and player development win. I mean he just has no idea that culture matters," Lombardi said on 106.7 The Fan. "He thinks if I sign Albert Haynesworth, I draft Dwayne Haskins, he thinks it's always about a move. He thinks it's watching TV on Saturday night, watching a college game, 'If I get that player, I'll be a better team.' That is the most critical error you could ever make."

"The real issue is (Allen) is running the program. A GM can't control the team," Lombardi said. "The head coach has to be the most important person in the organization. And he's gotta be able to control what he tells the players. And so what Bruce does, I mean, look at his record. There's been no general manager that's been in his job as long as Bruce has, that has that below a .500 winning percentage."

Lombardi has just routinely crushed the mismanagement of the Redskins in 2019.
Lisa Ann's full appearance on the Junkies
The Junkies had an absolute blast hanging out with adult film star Lisa Ann and she told some stories about a certain Polish Hammer's Polish hammer. (Check out the photos here.)
And Lisa was also gracious enough to reveal her biggest busts.... in sports. 
Comedian Bob Marley told jokes and was a very funny man
Diminutive Comedian Brad Williams effortlessly pins Awadd
This is a story about unearned confidence and paying a price for it.

Comedian Brad Williams doesn't lack confidence. And he shouldn't. He is an exceptionally funny stand-up comedian and while standing just 4-foot-4 was won the heart of his now beautiful wife, who happens to stand 5-feet-7. That takes skills and confidence.

On the other side of our story is one Adam Epstein. The Sports Junkies' producer known as Awadd has an inordinate amount of confidence. And none of this confidence is merited. None of it. Need an example? He claims he is 5-foot-11. He might be 5-foot-8 in Timbs.

When the two men engaged in a bout of shirtless wrestling. Obviously, there was only one winner. 

Donte Whitner: "When I Lost All Respect for Jay Gruden"

After the Washington Redskins fired head coach Jay Gruden, former Redskins safety Donte Whitner crushed Gruden during an appearance in October.

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