WATCH: Comedian Brad Williams effortlessly pins Awadd

By 106.7 The Fan

This is a story about unearned confidence and paying a price for it.

Comedian Brad Williams doesn't lack confidence. And he shouldn't. He is an exceptionally funny stand-up comedian and while standing just 4-foot-4 was won the heart of his now beautiful wife, who happens to stand 5-feet-7. That takes skills and confidence.
On the other side of our story is one Adam Epstein. The Sports Junkies' producer known as Awadd has an inordinate amount of confidence. And none of this confidence is merited. None of it. Need an example? He claims he is 5-foot-11. He might be 5-foot-8 in Timbs.

On Friday morning, the two men engaged in a bout of shirtless wrestling. Obviously, there was only one winner. 

"I could have thrown him," Awadd said later.



Listen to Brad Williams' full appearance with The Junks here. (First segment begins at 35:30)

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