Evgeny Kuznetsov denies using drugs after video surfaces

By 106.7 The Fan

Washington Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov denied ever using drugs after a video surfaced of him sitting next to an unidentified white substance. 

The video, originally posted on Twitter by @Thesavspb but since deleted, showed Kuznetsov in what appears to be a hotel room sitting by a table with lines of white powder and a rolled-up bill. Kuznetsov is never shown ingesting the powder.

In a statement to a Russian media outlet, Kuznetsov confirmed the legitimacy of the video but claimed it was filmed during the summer of 2018 after the Caps won the Stanley Cup and said he has never used drugs. 

"Yes, I saw this video appear on the network," Kuznetsov said in his statement, as translated through Google. "I do not always have something to do with what is happening next to me. I have never used drugs and I am not going to get involved in this. If I have questions, I am ready to undergo a medical examination at any time." "This video year. It was the summer of 2018 in Vegas, when we won the Stanley Cup (with the 'Washington' ). By the past World Cup is all the more irrelevant. I just went to my friends in the room. When I saw what was happening there - unfamiliar women, strange substances on the table - he called a friend and left there as soon as possible." "It is a pity that someone decided to catch the HYIP just now - at the defeat of the national team. I have nothing to hide, let it remain on the conscience of the one who posted this video."

"We are aware of the video that surfaced on social media of Evgeny Kuznetsov," a Capitals spokesperson told NBC Sports Washington in an email. "We are currently in the process of gathering facts and will have no further comment at this time."
"I hesitate to use the term investigation because it's a fairly ambiguous word. Obviously, we have to understand the facts and circumstances. I wouldn't call it a formal investigation," NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Monday, per ESPN. "There are a lot of questions I would have about the situation. Obviously, he's acknowledged being in the room with whatever it is. But I don't know whatever it is 'is,' and he claims not to have used whatever it is. So on that basis, I'm not going to convict him of anything."
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