The Caps know how important local support is, now they can finally repay the Nationals

By 106.7 The Fan

There's something in the air in Washington. 

Winning is occurring with historic consistency in the District. As the Nationals make their first World Series appearance in franchise history, the Mystics' WNBA title is still fresh in fans' minds. And although we're now over a year removed from the Capitals' 2018 Stanley Cup title, with more than a full regular season between now and then, even that still feels very fresh.

It feels as if it's all snowballing, in the right direction for a change.

The support these franchises are showing for one another makes it feel all the more familial.

This tweet from the Capitals for instance, after the Nats beat the Cardinals Tuesday night to advance to the World Series, wasn't reactionary. It was planned, which takes thought, effort. Care.

You were there for us, you know we're here for you.Now go win a #WorldSeries#ALLCAPS // #STAYINTHEFIGHT

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) October 16, 2019

It's not something clearly slapped together last-minute after hours of online browbeating.

This takes thought and coordination:

Heading out to Nashville in style!GO @NATIONALS!!#ALLCAPS // #STAYINTHEFIGHT

— Washington Capitals (@Capitals) October 9, 2019

Not at all dissimilar to how the Nats supported the Caps throughout their Stanley Cup run, wearing Capitals lids during post-game photo opps, attending non-conflicting home playoff games (Ryan Zimmerman and Max Scherzer even wore Caps uniforms to Capital One), and of course by being an online microphone for their postseason success.

Whatever the outcome of the World Series, it feels as if something bigger is afoot in the D.C. sports landscape. For the time being, the Caps continue to show the Nats love however they can and it feels genuine.

"It's been an incredible run from the turnaround that they've had earlier on in the season and we definitely love to get behind those guys," Johns Carlson said during his weekly appearance with 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes, presented by The Purple Heart.

"I know they were definitely the most prominent and seemed to be at most of the home games that they could and all that sort of stuff," he said. "So we definitely wanted to repay the favor. It seems like they've got some good mojo, some good magic going right now. Looking forward to the World Series."

Nationals right fielder Adam Eaton told Dukes this week the Caps' run was a great source of inspiration for them personally, and that he sees the Nats as "kind of cut from the same mold."

"And they brought the Stanley Cup to the stadium," Eaton said. "I think that was huge for us too, first of all for them to allow us to enjoy that, and really see what hard work can bring. It was awesome to experience that. Hopefully we can do the same with them."

Dukes played Eaton's comments for Carlson and asked if he would agree with the thought.

"Yeah, absolutely," Carlson said. "For me personally, I think there's more than just a couple handshakes with some guys that I've known over the years now, and certainly I know he's real close with one of our coaches."

"Just, yeah, I think team camaraderie is important, especially in the postseason, but also everyone having each other's back with the fans, with the coaching staff and around town," he added. "So I think any type of momentum you can gather to use is big in the postseason and they're doing the right things right now."