CDVTW: Blue Shorts Drinks Pickle Juice, Vomits In Studio

CDVTW: Blue Shorts Drinks Pickle Juice, Vomits In Studio
Photo credit 106.7 The Fan
By 106.7 The Fan

I never expected to drink pickle juice on the air.

To me, it was just another weekly segment previewing my radio show – The Download, which airs Saturdays at 7 a.m. on 106.7 The Fan.

Until Chad Dukes offered me some delicious pickle juice. Not one to turn down a friendly offer, and always one to commit to a bit, I threw back a heaping serving.

And then proceeded to throw up – uncontrollably – over, and over, and over again, as Dukes politely offered another sip, and another sip.


— Chad Dukes ---- (@chaddukes) February 14, 2019

Here's the audio, if you're into that sort of thing.

And even some video.


— Chad Dukes ---- (@chaddukes) February 14, 2019

People seemed to enjoy the segment, which is all that really matters. I cannot say I feel the same, but always glad to contribute.

The combo of @ChrisLingebach heaving and @Metallica "Ride the Lightning" on @1067theFan is a 15 out of 10...#cdvtw

— John Auville (@moneymetalcakes) February 14, 2019

It's a nightmare

— Chad Dukes ---- (@chaddukes) February 14, 2019

#CDVTW is the Greatest Radio Show on Earth

— Chief Of DC---- (@chiefofdc) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes dude, I'm in line at Sonic. Greatest reaction from the 16 year old at the window EVER. My volume up pretty much grossed out the drive thru line. You guys rock!

— Keith A Sanford (@KeithASanford) February 14, 2019

Blue Shorts You OK?!?Ey Yo GET THAT mic -- Down There!!!------

— Cedraan Askew (@AskCed33) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes I can't see what I'm working on through the tears of laughter

— Dave (@druthjr91) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes I'm trying to drive. You're gonna make me crash. #offtherails #CDVTW LMAO!!!

— James Andrews (@JimboHitmanSlce) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes what the hell is going on!? I just tuned in

— Bruno Pires (@BrunoPires__) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes HOLY CRAP, wtf is going on?

— Eternal Boar (@Eternal_Boar) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes @Mullins1067 please tell me someone got that on camera --

— J . Q U I M B Y ! (@jQuimbss3) February 14, 2019

I'm dying ----------

— Jay Walker (@4lifedmv) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes Another homerun, you need a raise. Quality programming.

— Enoch Boateng (@blakbro2k) February 14, 2019

CDVTW sounds like an episode of Fear Factor right now @chaddukes

— John Ganther (@ganthernation) February 14, 2019


— Jay Walker (@4lifedmv) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes @BrocPlymin @Mullins1067 best damn show ever

— Craig Bowling -- (@MacAttacksYou) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes that’s clip of the year lol

— Shaun Somers (@ShaunFreshNikes) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes - dude I almost wrecked my car laughing so hard. This is great.

— Kenneth Rutherford (@okensive) February 14, 2019

----‍♂️blue shorts + organic packaged pickle juice = YAK!#nuffSaid

— Cedraan Askew (@AskCed33) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes best segment ever. Ha ha ha.

— CarolinaRedskinsFan (@BrianPeacoe) February 14, 2019

Lmao just heard the most violent yack session of life. @chaddukes

— El Chico Romantico (@Cupids_Durrn) February 14, 2019

Nothing better than bootin on the radio.

— Neil Russell (@Neil_Russell41) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes @blueshortsLIFE I'm literally crying in the car right now listening to this pickle juice thing

— Michael Walters (@MikeDubs21) February 14, 2019

I would rather listen to this on a 24 hour loop than to be subjected to any more ofnthe SoapBrock and the random noises

— Enoch Boateng (@blakbro2k) February 14, 2019

@chaddukes that was amazing. i could listen to Shorts drink pickle juice all day. 10/10!

— Buzzard (@Buzzard055) February 14, 2019

The only thing better than Shorts puking was his whimpering.

— Mike Rosenheim (@BrownHornet24) February 14, 2019

@1067theFan Chad Dukes just made radio on the FM dial the most exciting thing since Howard. I saw 4 people while driving listening to that segment great radio

— Kevin S (@HigherTimes2) February 14, 2019

Almost sounds like Ferris Bueller playing his keyboard -- -- @chaddukes @ChrisLingebach

— C.J. (@Ceejay81) February 14, 2019

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